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“Hi Equine & Furry Animal Owing friends, 
PROOF- When a Natural Healthy Gut product makes a HUGE difference -
In Appetite, Condition, Skin & Coat, Digestion of feed, retaining of nutrients, Performance and Behaviour & Intestinal health - I'm Sharing!!!
The Story - a 4 year old Racing Mare came to us 8 weeks ago. Won't eat race feed, only hay. Picky, Shite of an attitude, hates everyone. Lacking condition, dull coat, Just not a nice girl... on and off the track. PROOF BELOW - 3 weeks of Evolution Animal Care - INSIDE - OUT. Nothing extra, no other ulcer treatments. Need i say more - but do the animals in your life a favour - Chis \

 Our poor 2 year old staffy has typical staffy skin. He is on medication every morning and night which helped to a degree, but he still would not leave skin alone, especially his feet. He would chew and lick them until they were red raw and all the hair was missing. We tried various diets and shampoos to no avail. We started him on “inside out” and within a few weeks he was like a new dog. All the hair is growing back and he hardly ever chews his feet! The transformation has been incredible. He also doesn’t mind the taste so it can be easily added to his meals.
We definitely recommend inside out!! - Tori

"Hi there 😊 my name is Fiona Guthrie and I rode HV Duke to runner up prelim champion on the weekend and won a bag of your inside out, I want to say thank you for your amazing product!! I have 2 horses I’ve been riding for many months now - Endeavour TL and Danson Royal Valley who have both suffered from terrible diarrhea, I shampoo their backsides everyday!!I’ve tried many different products but nothing has worked, no idea what caused it as I have many other horses on the same feed!! Well I fed them your product on Sunday and the diarrhea has literally gone today!! I don’t know what’s in your product but thank you very much!!! Fiona"


Top pic. Is date of July 1st and not happy in how she looks. Second pic is 21st July (still not happy with her look) and just started on inside-out (3days). Third pic 4 Aug and 17 days on inside-out and a big difference in her coat/weight and attitude. Last pic is 25 Aug and I'm just so happy with her, she has changed so much in that time and gotten the weight back on her after her growth spurt so much better then her previous growing spurts. Her behaviour has changed 100% I can now touch her girth and not get bitten at, she is just all round so much happier in herself. I'm loving this product, wish I had found it earlier. – Cassie

I started Inside Out 4 months ago and it is the best decision I've made.
I have a lovely grey Off the Track Thoroughbred that unfortunately developed some serious gut issues overtime when competing. As an ex racehorse, I expected him to have some gut issues but I never had him scoped to confirm. I had noticed overtime when competing his back-end would be a bit yuk but just assumed it was him being nervous.

But it wasn’t until his backend was yuk at home when doing nothing that I began to worry. And on a grey horse, it’s not pretty. As time went on his droppings started getting looser and looser and I knew I needed to do something. First thing I changed what his feeding, was there too much sugar, too much green, bad batch? There was no change. I then thought, it must be ulcers. He was on Omo-Guard for 14 days. No change.

Then his farts started getting wetter. This had me stumped. I knew the vet would be essential now but I just happen to come across Inside Out. I put him on it to give it a go and just crossing my fingers, something would help him out. It did! His droppings started becoming firmer, farts were less wet and his attitude had chilled out.

During all of this he managed to keep the weight on and he looks fantastic. He is ready to come back into work as a new horse. I now have all my horses on Inside Out. It is definitely a product I’d recommend trying.
As well as Inside Out being fantastic all round, the people are great support. They were genuinely interested in helping me out with this horse and I can’t thank them enough.

Give it a go! - Demi Marston

We have used inside out from Evolution (2 sample pots) and have seen a vast improvement in our 2 dogs. 1 is a silky terrier (Molly) who is 13 years old and the other is a German Shepard (Echo) who is 7 years old. Molly is blind, deaf and we think has dimentia but after feeding her Evolution is now a lot more contented and her appetite has increased. Echo who would eat the crutch out of a low flying crow is settled and mild mannered now . We would recommend Evolution very highly but have run out of the product. If not would like to become an agent as this product is Fantastic. 

Second bag of inside out for my boys 🙌🏻 and loving it! The ground looks like this in the paddocks right now. So glad I started my boys on this product, both in amazing condition with hardly any ground feed. Both qualified for PCASA State Championships in Oct 🙌🏻 thanks Evolution Animal Care!! – Gabi

Nemo has now been on Inside-Out for nearly 3 months and I am still mind blown about the effects of this product! Not only is he holding weight perfectly with all the competition and travel we are doing this season, but for the first time ever he is covered in beautiful dapples! 

His performance and energy has improved and he is a genuinely happy horse instead of a grumpy old man. The results have been amazing! – Ashleigh

This is Jordyn & Her 17 year old TB "Infinity" at the Pony Club State Champs at Kimba this long weekend. We have been using Inside Out for a couple of months and love the product.

We are especially pleased that our 28 year old Arab mare is blooming since starting on the product. We have all our competition horses which are OTT Tbs on it! - Sharon